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Predicting Wagyu Performance


The globally successful BREEDPLAN EBV (Estimated Breeding Values) system marketed by ABRI at the University of New England in Australia, is embraced by many leading breed societies including the Australian Wagyu Association. AWA BREEDPLAN is the only breed recording and…
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AWA BREEDPLAN is founded on multi-generational capture of measurements (submitted by individual herd owners) which enable BLUP engines to produce accurate predictive breeding values (EBVs) for numerous traits ranging from birth weight, to lifetime growth, to maternal capabilities. However, there…
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Fullblood Carcass Data

As noted, most major Australian feedlots provide carcass data feedback ONLY to individual feeder suppliers, and there is no national or breed society database. ‘Own-herd’ data nonetheless represents the most valuable single evaluation tool for an Australian Fullblood producer targeting…
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Fullblood Progeny Tests

In the Australian herd book, only one AI sire, Westholme’s Hirashigetayasu, has a ‘known/completed’ Japanese progeny performance test record. No comparable Australian fullblood progeny test programs have been publicized, and no local progeny test ‘stars’ announced
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Marker Analysis

DNA marker analysis is widely used in the Japanese Wagyu industry for predicting genetic diseases – one of the most accurate applications of DNA technology. Similar disease tests are now available for Australian Wagyu breeders through NSW (DPI) Industry
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