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Meeting The Challenge of Accurate Marbling Measurement

This startling benchmark comparison of AUS-MEAT vs JMGA marbling measurement uses objective marbling percentage & fineness values delivered by digital imaging and software solutions. From Professor Keigo Kuchida, inventor of the imaging technology now in use in (some) current Australian Wagyu and extensive Japanese carcass assessment.
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Latest Australian Wagyu Price Review

Stimulated by global demand, local supply shortages and a falling $AUD, online auction $/kg prices for young F1 Australian Wagyu livestock broke all-time records into July 2015, achieving 600c/kg and surpassing quotes for traditionally higher priced fullblood feeders.
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Bayards Join AWF

The Goorambat, Vic., husband and wife team Dom & Jo Bayard are the third Australian-based members of AWF. Dom is well recognised as a pioneer of Australian Wagyu industry embryology from the 1990s.
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