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Latest Updates – June/July 2019

2019 Ginjo AI Catalogue: New EU Offering In A Broad AI Sire Range

With an exciting new opportunity in EU-compliant sire Ginjo Kitahatsuhi L9, our AI offering expands to six sires in 2019, all tested recessives free. Selected for fullblood breeding, with rare genetics delivering Japanese Top 10-style pedigrees, improved diversity and reduced inbreeding. This means better calves & maternal lines with superior carcass performance. More details here.


Ginjo MarbleMax™ Hiranami B901 Update

B901 is achieving recognition as among the outstanding Japanese Black AI sires bred outside Japan, with new coverage in the April/May 2019 edition of International Wagyu Breeder magazine.  Australian domestic semen is still available.   More details here.


Review: Top 10 FB Carcass Sires of Japan: Tottori Genetics Prevail

Tak Suzuki has updated Japanese carcass sire rankings. The outcome reveals that Tottori genetics continue to dominate Japanese home herd FB production. You can now apply this analysis to improve sire selection in Australia, enhancing all-round performance and genetic diversity. Better still, Tottori AI genetics comparable to Japanese leaders are now available locally. More here








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