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Foundation Genetics Recovery Project Completed

We’re delighted to announce the completion of a major, long term ‘gene recovery’ project focussed on the international Japanese Black foundation period – 1998-2005 – before the advent of large-scale commercial fullblood breeding anywhere outside Japan.

Since tentative moves away from the Australian mainstream ‘Tajima’ environment in 2006, our key objective has been emulating Japanese Wagyu production outcomes, starting by emulating Japanese pedigree structures as closely as the genetic resource of the original export groups will allow, hence the foundation herd data mining.

Gene Extinction

The project demonstrated that rare individual animals carrying significant genetics from this period have been overlooked, with no official interest evident in ensuring their survival, either as important components of the Japanese Black genome outside Japan, or as future breeding resources.

The data-mining and breeding program took over more than a decade, re-establishing core groups around ‘forgotten’ founder and first-generation dams and sires, then combining rare genetics to create a new breeding platform which has identified outstanding performance, and provides many options for development towards performance parity with the Japanese industry.

Future Directions

From 2022, we will be offering a unique range of Japanese Blacks bulls and breeding females that will complement the leading Tajima sires in Australia, enabling for the first time outside Japan, the potent pedigree structures previously seen only in modern Japanese mainstream commercial production.

In the early listings on this site, you can see the evolution of our foundation sire range. This is about to receive a major makeover. We’d welcome you back for more detailed information and exciting genetics opportunities in 2022.

Sometimes You Need To Go Back to Go Forward

What Bird Is That?

The Yatagarasu Story

The three-legged raven of Japanese mythology, Yatagarasu, depicted in Ginjo Wagyu advertising, symbolises divine guidance, re-birth and rejuvenation.

It is the official symbol of the Japanese Football Association. Throughout Asia, mythic three-legged ravens are associated with the sun (and, therefore, life).

In Inuit (and much Native American) mythology, the raven is responsible for light and the birth of the world. In the Ginjo context, the Yatagarasu acknowledges Japanese guidance.