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Exclusive New Tajima AI Sires & Rare Tottori Bloodlines

Check out these two new Wagyu Sekai influence AI sires for 2016, plus rare Tottori prefectural genetics simply unavailable anywhere else outside Japan, and potent mainstream commercial production selections to boost your bottom line.

Full details of Sekai sires here, and Tottori sires here.


Global Leadership Initiatives from US Wagyu Assn In Breed Registry Re-classification

The American Wagyu Association has stepped forward to take a global industry leadership position in Wagyu animal registry re-classification and breeding clarification. The moves will help enable clear understanding of the inscrutably ‘smudged’ (or is it ‘fudged’?) differences between for example, various ‘fullblood’ and ‘purebred’ Wagyu segments. And for the first time, the US registry will separate the entirely different breeds of Japanese Black and Japanese Brown (aka “Red Wagyu”). More here


Expert Inputs : Collection & Use of Bovine Semen In Australia

AB expert Dom Bayard describes the current Wagyu semen collection environment and Wagyu semen market in Australia. What do we need for greater diversity ? More details here.



Australian Wagyu Forum

Founded in 2007, the aim of the Australian Wagyu Forum (AWF) is to provide objective information on the production of Japanese Black cattle, combining the resources of ‘Plain English’ access to specialist Japanese animal science, review of breed development initiatives outside Japan and extensive Australian Wagyu production experience.

Emphasis includes discussion of Japanese home market production models or techniques that may be adapted; and specialist Japanese production/genetics knowledge that is otherwise not readily accessible. The site is a neutral forum for local and international market/economic data for producers, related discussion, and provides continuously updated information on seedstock, genetics and services produced and marketed globally by the members.


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