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Hatshira K930 was our most popular AI sire in 2017-18 and is an AWA EBV trait leader. As a recessives-free choice (with half-sib Ginjo Kitahatsuhi L9) he delivers unique opportunity to harness rare Tottori genetics for enhanced performance and genetic diversity.

Their shared sire Kitahatsuhi 97/1 represents the best in high performance breeding by Westholme (For more Kitahatsuhi 97/1 details, see the background summary for Ginjo Kitahatsuhi L9 in our 2018 new sire listing above).

On the K930 dam side is our international AI sire Ginjo MarbleMax Hiranami B901, (see full details for B901 in the general Ginjo AI sire listing). B901 outperformed his internationally famous sire Hirashigetayasu in early Australian longfed fullblood carcass research from around 2012.   In prefectural genetic analysis, K930 is approximately 44% Hyogo/Tajima, 32% Tottori/Kedaka, and 18% Itozakura, plus traces.


In February 2018 AWA BREEDPLAN (see download summary below), Hatshira K930 is the clear national herd leader for a ‘semen available’ /AI Sire in 200 day growth, a progeny trait in which feeder producers need high performance to help reduce growout costs. Major growth influences in the pedigree include the Tottori female Hatsuhi, the famous Dai 20 Hirashige line sire Hirashigetayasu, and TF147 Itoshigefuji.    Early growth performance of the young K930 is illustrated in the following raw data table – our apologies for not being more energetic with the scales early in his career.

Ginjo Hatshira K930 Raw Data Sample
Days of Age 263 297 552
Live weight (kg) 248 298 528


The outstanding performance measure of K930 sire Kitahatsuhi 97/1 is his priceless ability to produce both high growth and high marbling progeny, right down to F1 outcross. The progeny record of K930’s dam/sire, B901, substantially mirrors this capability, with a specifically strong MS record over TF147 daughters such as K930 dam, Ginjo D999, who has further background influence from TF148 Itoshigenami. All MS indicators look good here.

The Package

Offers FB and higher content breeders the opportunity to boost early growth performance without evident MS sacrifice; and capture rare, high quality genetic diversity from the Tottori prefectural bloodline that has formed the backbone of Japanese national production since the 1950s. Both sides of this pedigree support confidence for outcomes that will provide substantially enhanced production economics in feeding and breeding. In the Australian national herd environment, numerous high Itozakura/Tajima pedigrees offer ideal joining platforms.