Australian Wagyu Forum

AWA Board Elections 2020

Why You Should Vote For Three ‘Independents’

The Opportunity

Accelerated AWA Board and breed renewal. To re-empower the silent majority of AWA members and restore effective AWA member representation in breed development. Enhance breed sustainability with more accessible breed development programs. With strategies for expanded, stable domestic livestock and global genetics markets. Read more…

The Problem

In this 2020 Board election, many AWA members will identify an attempt at ‘comeback’ to AWA Board control on behalf of a small number of ‘self interest before breed interest’ individuals. We believe such an outcome will likely retard future breed development by continuing to limit access for the majority of experienced 20head~300-head herd owners to the effective data contribution that will enable improved, innovative Wagyu breeding both in Australia and around the world. Read more…


Our 2021 Agenda and Policies letter for AWA Members here.

Top Three Independent Member Candidates
Steve Bennett AWA ID: WIL

With the global Wagyu genetics marketplace set to boom post-COVID, Steve is the connected Wagyu International science specialist & exporter to strategise the development of close AWA linkages to Wagyu breeding communities worldwide. Driving the international growth of Australian genetics marketing and AWA as the leading global association for the breed

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Mike Buchanan AWA ID: GIN

Change & renewal leader as current AWA Board Chair. In 2020 led AWA adoption of new Index and EBV reviews to optimise local breed development, introducing new tools for enhancing genetic diversity using Japanese breed understanding, with reinforced linkage to the Japanese cultural heritage beloved by Wagyu consumers worldwide.

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Wayne Grimshaw AWA ID: MOY

Outstanding Wagyu farm/livestock manager with 23 years hands-on FB and F1 Wagyu herd development expertise. With owner Bob Officer, built the Moyhu Wagyu industry-leading 550 fullblood breeder herd near Moyhu, Vic. A highly proficient beef herd data manager with an outstanding understanding of the full range of tools in FB Wagyu herd improvement.
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“Breed Service Before Self Service”