Australian Wagyu Forum

The Problem

In this 2020 Board election, many AWA members may identify an attempt at ‘comeback’ to AWA Board control on behalf of a small number of ‘self interest before breed interest’ individuals. We believe such an outcome will likely retard future breed development by continuing to limit access for the majority of experienced 20-head~300-head herd owners to the effective data contribution that will enable improved, innovative Wagyu breeding both in Australia and around the world.

The fact is, the problem can be solved quite simply. All AWA members need do is vote for three 2020 candidates who are prepared to serve for the benefit of breed. Following clearly stated policy directions as we have outlined here. The top three candidates in this category are listed below:

The Top Three Independent Member Candidates

The three Independent candidates profiled here are just that: Independent. We are not a ‘party’. This is an alliance that seeks to bring true ‘Breed Service before Self Service’ back into the AWA Boardroom, and into a cohesive Board team environment. We are very much against ‘Turning the clock back to a boys club’ style of AWA Board, too often perceived to be looking after the interests of very few.

Each of three Independent candidates brings specialist expertise that can be applied to help all AWA members thrive and help the breed grow in the challenging year ahead.

Vote For:
  • Steve Bennett.

    Many AWA members will remember Steve as a former Executive Officer of AWA, managing routine operations and BREEDPLAN development. He is an accomplished animal scientist and consultant to fullblood and F1 Wagyu herd owners across Australia, with special expertise is in international Wagyu commerce, and we believe that ‘harvesting’ this expertise is an enormous opportunity for Australian Wagyu breeders and the AWA. If you tick just three boxes on the AWA electronic voting form, Steve Bennett’s name should be against one.

  • Mike Buchanan.

    As current AWA Chair and a Board member since 2014, Mike has led Board efforts in reform for six years. He is a successful FB breeder, and a successful BREEDPLAN member. See details here. In 2020 alone, initiatives have included a full business review of AWA, the first formal reviews of Wagyu EBVs, a new (Breeder) Index for Australian producers, initiatives in measuring and managing genetic diversity; and in recent months, a complete legal overhaul of the AWA Governance Charter, after the failure of mechanisms installed by previous management. Don’t let ‘wannabes’ turn back the clock. One of your votes should be ‘Mike Buchanan’.

  • Wayne Grimshaw.

    One of Australian Wagyu’s most respected long term fullblood livestock managers, using BREEDPLAN and other livestock husbandry tools, Wayne has nurtured the development of the 550-head Moyhu herd in Victoria for over 23 years. The herd has produced outstanding seedstock, genetics and feeder cattle consistently over the period, despite massive climate and market variability. Wayne will bring well-grounded, hands-on Wagyu production expertise to the Board. One of your votes should be ‘Wayne Grimshaw’.