Australian Wagyu Forum


AWA BREEDPLAN is founded on multi-generational capture of measurements (submitted by individual herd owners) which enable BLUP engines to produce accurate predictive breeding values (EBVs) for numerous traits ranging from birth weight, to lifetime growth, to maternal capabilities. However, there are no equivalent Japanese (phenotype) EBVs to enable comparative analysis between the two countries.

AWA Carcass EBVs
While the Japanese EBV foundation is 100% carcass data, conversely AWA historically held litte actual carcass data to support carcass EBV outputs. Prior to the 2013-14 GEBV initiatives based on abattoir data, AWA carcass EBVs were based on ultrasound measurement of live animals by technicians hired by individual member/producers, who then submitted to AWA. The validity of this approach was discredited by early correlation findings in the AGBU-managed GEBV project described above. The ultrasound approach was found to be accurate to a maximum of 0.2 as as predictor (20%). This outcome effectively ended the usefulness of the AWA %IMF EBV and the AWA Fullblood Feeder Index published from 2012, as both were based on the ultrasound %IMF measurement.