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The 2020 Australian Wagyu Association Election and the ‘AWA Concerned Member Group’

Information here relates to the attack on the 2020 AWA Board led by a small group calling themselves ‘AWA Concerned Members’, itself allegedly led by Mr S de Bruin. This incident included a number of extraordinary occurrences including ‘missing’ AWA board documents, and ferociously worded allegations regarding governance and conflict issues, for which no supporting evidence – let alone any proof – has ever been forthcoming.

Prominent CMG members then elected themselves to all positions on the 2021 (and later 2022 AWA) Executive Committee, effectively governing the AWA Board. Considerable legal discourse continued through 2021.
For the record: the following are some key archive documents from that period, starting with the response of the outgoing 2019-20 President (Mike Buchanan), which was deliberately not issued until after the conclusion of the 2020 election cycle.

The Rebuttal

AWA Board Elections 2020

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The Problem