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Belltree Australia Pty Ltd

AWA Identifiers: YAM & ECH

Tak Suzuki, Belltree principal


Belltree supplies high quality seedstock , feeder cattle and Japanese-style fullblood Wagyu beef, marketed through Blue Mountains Wagyu (See Buying Best Wagyu on this site).

The operation aims to harmonise traditional Japanese breeding and feeding methods in the Australian environment, with an emphasis on large frame fullblood bloodlines for global seedstock supply and superior beef production for local beef connoisseurs.



In 2006, Belltree assumed control of a Japanese-owned Wagyu seedstock startup at ‘Yamboon Park’, in the Megalong Valley, via Blackheath, NSW. The focus was on Westholme Kedaka bloodlines, combined with a number of females of Kikuyasu 400 and Fukutsuru 068 lineage.



Startup commercial operations consisted of AA/WY F1 production, mostly for AACo feeding, plus private treaty bull sales. A partnership with Japanese company Echigo Farms also commenced in 2006, with the Echigo herd agisted at Yamboon Park as part of a collaborative breeding agreement.

By 2012, a successful vertically integrated operation had evolved, combining seedstock production and fullblood long-feeding programs, with Japanese-quality Wagyu beef marketed through Blue Mountains Wagyu.

Horses are central to Belltree operations. (And Pony Club is central to Megalong weekends).



Belltree Australia is a family operation, managed by principals Takao (Tak) Suzuki and Yuko Suzuki.

Takao and Yuko immigrated to Australia in 1991, prior to which Tak spent years employed in Wagyu feedlots in Japan. In Australia, he was initially employed as a pen rider at Rangers Valley, Glen Innes, completing the Certificate in Agriculture (Feedlot Management) at the University of New England, NSW in 2001.

As Rangers Valley moved into Wagyu production, Tak moved into data analysis at the feedlot, managing Wagyu feeder performance databases to help optimize feedlot production and provide feedback to producers. He has also worked with many prominent Japanese Wagyu producers, including Mr. Takeda, to help inform Australian production.

Wagyu Feedshed, Belltree

Wagyu Feedshed, Belltree.