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Awarded a Gold Medal for outstanding meat quality at the 2013 Australian Wagyu Conference (see news story here), Blue Mountains Wagyu is fed to provide the same rare gourmet quality for Australian consumers that a connoisseur could previously savour only in Japan. Believed to be unique in Australia, this artisan beef comes in limited supply from a small family enterprise headed by Tak and Yuko Suzuki.

The Suzuki family apply traditional Japanese techniques to bring full Japanese Wagyu beef quality to a few select restaurateurs (see, for example, Darleys) and discerning butchers and individuals . To read more about the production process, see Tak’s 2013 AWA presentation at Conference Papers on this site.

Blue Mountains Wagyu Slice

Blue Mountains Wagyu Chuck

Today, he also offers vertically integrated producers the opportunity to share and implement these traditional techniques, with economical consultancy services both online and on farm (See Consultancy here).

A key element of consultancy is breeding selection for carcass profitability. ‘Carcass selection for our 2013 competition entry was constrained by what we had available close to deadline, which exhibited less than ideal breeding for commercial fullblood production’ says Tak. ‘We were delighted to demonstrate to the judges the flavour that our lifetime feeding imparts, but from a breeder perspective I feel that the carcass itself was not a good example of best breeding practice for economic production. It was just too small. We hope to do better in the years ahead.’


Flavour The Target

Blue Mountains Wagyu Loin Cut

‘Our Wagyu system always targets quality and production economics above and beyond simple marble score,’ he says. ‘Japanese beef grading focuses on production efficiency AND a complete consumer experience, total satisfaction with succulence, tenderness, flavorsome marbling. It’s that integration that is what our breeding and our feeding programs are about.

‘We are producing only fullblood Wagyu, and achieving top JMGA standards, including carcass scale, conformation, meat colour and firmness.’

Ration The Key

According to Tak, this is substantially achieved with scientific ration manipulation through a 600 day cycle identical to Japanese Wagyu preparation. Compared with the Japanese techniques he practiced prior to working on Australian feedlots, he believes the difficulty facing many Australian Wagyu feeders is large scale production techniques with relatively small populations of Wagyu of a similar age or breeding. This often means that animals at different stages of finish, but in the same pens, receive an identical – and less than ideal – ration.

‘Wagyu are what they eat. Ours eat the best in Japanese style rations at every stage of finishing.’

A core ration emphasis is the achievement of maximized unsaturated fatty acid composition, making the world’s healthiest beef even better.

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IIn Sydney, contact Wagyu specialist Japanese butchery Kimio Osawa  Other enquiries contact Tak direct at for details of local supply and restaurants serving this specialist Wagyu beef sensation.

Blue Mountains Wagyu dish @ Fairmont Resort