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Breed Development Strategies


This section looks at the modern state of the Japanese Black Wagyu herd, now challenged by diminishing genetic diversity caused exclusively by intensive selection for a single (meat quality) trait. We skim the Japanese animal science that identifies this challenge…
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Modern Bloodline Performance Differentiation

How much have the domestic Japanese Black Wagyu herds of today lost prefectural differentiation and become genetically homogenous, with performance consistency?

Although the identification of a threatening genetic convergence towards a homogenous, inbred Japanese herd has fueled a prominent thread…
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Modern Prefectures Maintain Unique Tsuru Genetics

Another thing that is indisputable in Japanese Black breed development since the 1960s is the overwhelming impact of a ‘Tajima’ trend, which accelerates sharply after 1991. The following, simplified chart from Honda et al (2004) reveals the contribution of founders…
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