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Predicting Wagyu Performance

Predicting Wagyu Performance – Overview

For the Japanese Black producer, single trait selection focussed on marbling outcomes is a recipe for commercial mediocrity. By far the most important determinant of success is gross $$$$ carcass value. Heavy, high yielding carcasses with good maintained marbling easily…
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Predicting Wagyu Performance Summary

Overall, the mission-critical importance of carcass predictive tools is sharply highlighted when placed in an ordinary FB production (time) cycle: if a sire is first mated at two years of age (2yoa), and carcass performance data is first available from…
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Snapshot of Japanese Predictive Tools

Modern Japanese selection and genetic development at all levels is informed ‘upstream’ from official carcass measurement at the end of the cycle(see a snapshot of standard JMGA parameters here).  These formal Japanese grading standards assess numerous carcass traits…
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Crossbred (XB) Predictive Systems

Australian sire selection in crossbreeding is largely predicated by feedlot buyers, specifying in reference to carcass summaries as recorded in feedlot carcass databases.  Derived from these databases, early, largely anecdotal Wagyu sire ranking information relates mainly to this XB…
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Fullblood (FB) Predictive Systems

As in crossbreeding, in Australian Fullblood feeder production there is no public domain, national carcass database to enable precise performance ranking of locally-available sires, even including first generation AI sires imported from Japan well over a decade ago.
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