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From Across the Big Pond – October 2015

Over here is a bit of current controversy over the dialogue on the internet among wagyu breeders. It’s the same in any area, I suppose, where people sharing common interests in the social media begin to think their conversations are private and not open to the world.

We’ve run into some dialogue on Wagyu group Facebook chats that apparently send quite different messages from those intended when read by inquiring “outsiders”.

It probably is good advice to not write anything on the web that you don’t subsequently want to see published on the front page of the New York Times or I suppose the Sydney Herald.

The major upcoming event is the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado, in January, which is possibly the biggest stock show in the United States.

The American Wagyu Association (also known as ‘AWA’) will have a Wagyu presence there, not only with our regular “halter” show but with a promotional booth at the Trade Show.

We were very fortunate to be able to get a booth at the trade show as the waiting list is quite long and we’ve been trying to get on for several years.

This should be an excellent opportunity to reach out to commercial breeders and the general public to let them know about Wagyu. If you’re planning on visiting this show bring plenty of clothes and plan on dressing warm as Denver in January can be a bit on the chilly side.