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AWA Elite Wagyu Sale 2018 – Lot # 66

Ginjo Hatsuhira M69

Click here for AWA Regn: GINFM0069

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General M69 Information

Ginjo Hatsuhira M69 represents our ‘best of breeding’ in fullblood Japanese Black Wagyu genetics, with pedigree credentials to deliver profitable performance even at Japanese national market level . That means the potential to deliver both competitive marbling and growth progeny at carcass weights to and over 500kg. Temperament is exceptionally quiet.

For the production of FB/high infusion feeders & replacement breeders, Hatsuhira M69 offers outstanding early growth, which can substantially reduce pre-feedlot prep costs and boost profits in both feed savings and liveweight sale returns. A Raw Data sample from the young bull’s early growout period is a good indicator. The 210 day weight is at weaning with no prior supplementation, a good indication of dam (GINFB0904 – see below) maternal capability on steep northern NSW dividing range country.


Ginjo Hatsuhira M69 Raw Data Sample

Days of Age 210 272 352
Live weight (kg) 228 290 405


In the competitive context of the Australian national fullblood herd: AWA BREEDPLAN (February 2018)predicted Top 1% progeny performance in 200 day + 400 day + 600 day + CWT growth/weights. Top 10 performance in Rib Eye Area. See M69’s February 2018 EBV extract chart below – updated details are available at the registration link provided above.

February 2018 Wagyu GROUP BREEDPLAN

(sq cm)
EBV +1.0 +4.0 +26 +43 +55 +60 +2 +0.8 +37 +1.0 -0.6 -1.3 +0.7 +0.3 +0.17
Acc 37% 55% 67% 67% 63% 54% 47% 37% 57% 40% 38% 39% 36% 42% 38%
Breed Avg. EBVs for 2016 Born Calves Click for Percentiles
EBV +0.1 +0.9 +10 +15 +19 +19 +1 +0.0 +12 +0.7 +0.2 +0.3 -0.1 +0.4 +0.12

Ginjo Hatsuhira M69 (GINFM0069). AWA BREEDPLAN Data. Downloaded 18 March 2018


Japanese Genetics & Joining Suggestions

We suggest close attention to the pedigree in Japanese genetic evaluation context: Ginjo Hatsuhira M69 is approximately 29% Tottori/Kedaka, 50% Hyogo/Tajima; and 14% Itozakura (aka Fujiyoshi/Shimane in some circles). Imparting Tottori genetics are: the rare Tottori dam Hatsuhi, the global sire Hirashigetayasu, and TF151 Itozurudoi. Marbling reinforcement includes two infusions of TF148 Itoshigenami, plus Kitateruyarsudoi (003).

This suggests good growth increment from joining to higher Tajima females to deliver handy feeders and an improved generation of breeders. Stepping up, joinings to well bred larger females with higher Tottori/Kedaka, Itozakura, or mixed pedigrees should readily deliver well-marbled carcass outcomes 470-530kg in longfed programs.



M69 Sire & Dam Information

Sire : Ginjo MarbleMax™ Hatzuru H744. (AWA Regn: GINFH0744)

H744 is a rare son of Westholme Kitahatsui 97/1, a Westholme-bred sire demonstrating extraordinary growth (from high Tottori dam, Hatsuhi) and marbling genetics from Kitateruyasudoi. Kitahatsuhi was initially purchased by acclaimed Wagyu pioneer Wally Rae, with a share subsequently purchased by AACo. BREEDPLAN recording of numerous successful early 97/1 F1 joinings was completed Ron Fitzgerald of Salisbury Wagyu. The H744 dam side is all about ‘reinforced marbling’, featuring TF151 Itozurudoi and TF148 Itoshigenami.

H744 temperament is exceptionally quiet, his last recorded liveweight is in excess of 1100kg. About 74 registered FB progeny at March 2018.


Dam:  Ginjo B904 (AWA Regn GINFB0904)

Photocaption: Ginjo B904. PTIC at about 12yoa in 2018

Now 12 years of age and expected to calve again in mid 2018, dam Ginjo B904 is an outstanding full flush sibling to our leading sire Ginjo MarbleMax Hiranami B901, a feedlot proven performer in both F1 and FB who has over 550 registered progeny in 14 recorded herds from the Middle East to South Africa and the United States. Again, a successful combination of Tottori/Kedaka and Hyogo/Kunanami genetic lines, B904 features Hirashigetayasu as sire and a TF148 Itoshigenami son as dam sire. And again,B904 exhibits exceptionally quiet temperament. In consideration of progeny carcass performance, all calves but one have sold as seedstock: but a single B904 son was longfed at AACo Aronui for Aus-Meat MS9 and a HSCW of 532.5kg. Click through to the feeder pedigree at AWA commercial registration GINFG0678.

Similar Young Ginjo Sires For Sale

We have a range of similarly pedigreed but younger (N drop) sires for sale at highly competitive prices, discounts for line buyers. Including some quite rare bloodlines for better high infusion performance. Click here for details