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Image:  Nov. 2018

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EU Compliant Semen Available. A unique opportunity for EU breeders to breed for Japanese commercial levels of growth and marbling.

Selection Target

FB seedstock & commercial production, F2~F4 commercial “high content”, delivering massive growth with marbling


Sire Kitahatsuhi 97/1 represents unrepeatable high performance genetics, originally from Westholme. The 1997-drop sire was initially purchased by acclaimed Wagyu pioneer Wally Rae, with a share subsequently purchased by AACo. BREEDPLAN recording of numerous successful early F1 joinings was completed Ron Fitzgerald of Salisbury Wagyu. Kitahatsuhi 97/1 semen is not commercially available. Genetics analysis of our ‘semen available’ son Ginjo Kitahatsuhi L9 identifies about 47% Hyogo/Tajima genetics, about 40% Tottori/Kedaka, plus traces.  The best of both worlds, comparable with Japanese leaders.


Is substantially from sire/dam ‘Hatsuhi’, probably the outstanding individual of very few high Tottori/Kedaka females to leave Japan with the Westholme foundation group. Growth potential is reinforced by L9 dam/sire Hirashigetayasu (001), certainly the most famous Tottori/Kedaka sire in the international herd. The following table provides three weights from L9’s growout period that informed our selection. All Ginjo FB first weaner weights represent genetic and dam performance (no supplementation). All weaners are then grain supplemented.

Ginjo Kitahatsuhi L9 Raw Data Sample
Days of Age 185 241 298
Live weight (kg) 197 262 294


Is first addressed by sire/sire Kitateruyasudoi (003). Probably the most recorded 100% Hyogo/Tajima sire in the international herd, and often regarded as the most successful all-round Tajima sire outside Japan. The L9 pedigree then emulates Japanese line breeding with 003 then again represented as dam/grand-dam. Further back in the dam pedigree are TF151 Itozurudoi and TF147 Itoshigefuji.

The Package

Massive growth with proven marbling genetics. Offering a second, risk-free option (with Ginjo Hatshira K930) for capturing the potency of Kitahatsuhi 97/1. High performance, irreplaceable diversity, rare Tottori bloodlines. Not recommended for joining to maiden heifers, including Angus. If breeding off a high Tajima base, a B901 (or similar) intermediate generation is suggested.

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