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Ginjo Kitaitonami L965 – GINFL00965

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Selection Target

F1, F2~FB seedstock and commercial production, offering diversity in Australian-bred higher MS performance, plus growth and maternal genetics


Sire Westholme Kitaitonami (AACFC0650) is a star of the AACo FB lineup, sire of ~127 registered AACo fullblood bulls. Just these progeny numbers suggest extraordinary performance within the giant, professionally recorded AACo FB herd, selected on the evidence of more carcass data than most of the remaining Australian Wagyu production industry put together .   Westholme Kitaitonami was also a top ten ranked sire in the original AWA Fullblood Feedlot Index (FBFI), but his semen has not been commercially available. Ginjo Kitaitonami L965 is a unique ‘semen available’ son, tested recessives free.  L965 genetic analysis identifies about 40% Hyogo/Tajima, 25% Tottori/Kedaka, and 25% Itozakura.


Growth & maternal balance is addressed in the dam side, through Tottori dam/sire Itomoritaka (002) – also an AWA FBFI top 10 listing. With both TF147 Itoshigefuji and TF151 Itozurudoi in dam background. Note that both Itomoritaka and Itoshigefuji endow this pedigree free of their own officially recorded ‘CHS’ carrier recessives status. L965 growth is resultantly respectable in high Tajima sired FB terms as the table below shows. The first weight represents genetic and dam performance (no supplementation).  2017 drop L965 progeny weight averages are strongly competitive, although this is not yet evident in AWA EBVs.

Ginjo Kitaitonami L965 Raw Data Sample
Days of Age 172 231 288
Live weight (kg) 142 184 218


The sire side pedigree is classic, high MS ‘fullblood terminal sire’ in an Australian context. AACo releases no animal performance details but we suggest registered progeny numbers within the cattle giant offer sufficient proof here.   Top MS sires Kitateruyasudoi (003) and TF151 Itozurudoi are also represented in the L965 pedigree on the dam side.

The Package

A rare opportunity to capture some of the best of AACo selection for marbling, in a recessives free package also capturing original Westholme Tottori genetics for growth and maternal capabilities.   An excellent selection over daughters of other Ginjo AI sires, including B901, L9 or K921.

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