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Ginjo MarbleMax™ Sekinami – GINFJ0828

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Selection Target

: Tottori-infused FB seedstock and commercial FB production, F1-F4. Offering rare genetics & superior growth potential, plus proven MS and maternal traits


Sire Westholme Sekidoi (WESFTH004) is a half sibling to Kitahatsuhi 97/1, sharing outstanding 100% Tajima sire Kitateruyasudoi. Sekidoi was purchased for Macquarie Wagyu by Tony Fitzgerald and is the only known ‘semen collected’ son of the high Tottori/Kedaka foundation female, Seki 5 Daimoto 2, imported from Japan by Westholme. Our dam side balance in Ginjo Sekinami includes an ‘outlier’, high growth Itoshigenami son,GINFW0088, over our all-time top MS scoring female Ginjo W110 (GINFW0110.) In genetic heritage assessment, Sekinami is about 50% Hyogo/Tajima, 25% Tottori/Kedaka and 25% Itozakura.


The major growth influence is the rare high Tottori/Kedaka female Seki 5 Daimoto 2. Outside Japan, these are unique & irreplaceable genetics, locally proven in the production of large frame, higher growth fullbloods with good maternal qualities.    A ‘hidden’ dam side growth influence is Ginjo W88 (GINFW0088), a well recorded Itoshigenami son with proven growth measured in progeny carcass performance, especially noting TF Kikuhana. As the raw data sample below reveals (when compared with the AWA BREEDPLAN chart), actual growth performance in the young Ginjo Sekinami is exceptionally strong.

Ginjo MarbleMax Sekinami (J828) Raw Data Sample
Days of Age 177 212 283
Live weight (kg) 202 218 280


A review of Seki 5 Daimoto 2 progeny reveals strong MS capabilities, but the potent MS grunt in Ginjo Sekinami is from the dam side. Dam sire is the high growth, high performance Itoshigenami son Ginjo W88. Dam/dam is the veteran female Ginjo W110, a TF151 Itozurudoi/Michifuku daughter whose progeny include our best ever MS production, a JMGA-equivalent BMS #11 feeder at AACo Aronui.

The Package

Although entirely suitable at F1, the superior value on offer here is rare Tottori/Kedaka growth and maternal genetics. These are ideally applied in a ‘building block’ herd development scenario for ‘higher infusion’ and fullbloods. As a ‘stand alone’ AI sire selection Ginjo Sekinami offers a good option for improved recessives-free early growth and marbling selection, with plenty of carcass proof in the pedigree.   Ideal over B901, K930 daughters and similarly-bred dams. 

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