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Gooramabat Wagyu/GRS (Bayard)

Dom & Jo Bayard’s Goorambat Wagyu comprises a 275 breeder herd of fullblood Japanese Black Wagyu cattle based in the Benalla district of northern Victoria, but already genetically represented in many outstanding Wagyu herds in Australia, China, New Zealand, the EU nations and beyond.

Dom is also well known among Australian Wagyu producers as amongst the most experienced and proficient artificial breeding practitioners in the industry. He is a former vice president of the Australian Wagyu Association and a continuing member of the Association’s Genetic Improvement Committee.

The Bayard’s genetic operation, GRS, is an AQIS accredited embryo export centre with facilities compliant to OIE standards, and Wagyu genetics has been a key export. However, up to 100 embryo donors of different bovine breeds are on the centre at any time. GRS is able to produce export embryos on a customized basis for specific market and provides an on farm ET service for cattle breeders within Australia.

Joining AWF, Dom plans to contribute expert material for Wagyu breeders on the latest moves in artificial breeding, embryo production and Wagyu genetics export.