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New ! 2018 Ginjo AI Catalogue: Superior Sires For Profit, Fertility and Diversity

Two new Ginjo AI sires entered collection in March 2018, expanding our AI offering to six sires, each tested recessives free. All sires target improved profitability for seedstock breeders, feeder producers and lot feeders. We also emphasise breed sustainability – gene preservation & genetic diversity, fertility and improved maternal traits. More here


New ! 2018 Ginjo ‘N’ Bull Sales Listing : Young Bulls, Rare Lines, Great Deals

Our AI sires best reference is our own young sire line. All ‘M’ drop bulls are spoken for. We offer just 45 young ‘N’ sires, suitable for discounted group selection as needed by producers seeking high production consistency & efficiency. More here


New Top 10 Sire Ranking in Japan !

Feb-Mar 2018: Tak Suzuki takes a look at rankings in the current Japanese market and trends in Japanese fullblood Wagyu production. More here