Australian Wagyu Forum

About This Site

This site is now the online Home of the Ginjo Wagyu Herd.

Founded in 2007 by Suzuki Farms’ Tak Suzuki and Ginjo Wagyu’s Mike Buchanan, the aim of the Australian Wagyu Forum (AWF) has been provide objective information on the production of Japanese Black cattle, combining the resources of ‘Plain English’ access to specialist Japanese animal science, review of breed development initiatives outside Japan and extensive Australian Wagyu production experience.

From 2016 until early 2022, the website was funded solely by Ginjo Wagyu.

In February 2022, the Ginjo Wagyu brand, the (AWA ID: GIN), with the core breeding group, all related genetics and intellectual property including the AWF site were sold to Peter & Karen Hancock (Hancock Family Trust) of ‘Ardentrive’, Roma, Queensland, as part of a major expansion of their Wagyu production. (See Contact details.)

The Hancock family plan to enhance the website, in addition to publishing Ginjo herd development news and livestock marketing information. Mike Buchanan continues to breed Japanese Blacks through Buchanan Wagyu (AWA ID: BUC)