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Prescott gets a visit from Alexander’s Steakhouse – October 2015

Back home at Prescott, we were lucky enough to get a visit from a young executive at renowned Alexander’s Steakhouse, Cupertino, CA (home of Apple Computer).

Derek Biazo is relatively young guy but he is every bit the executive chef. Alexander’s is a very upscale restaurant with several locations around the country which naturally features Wagyu beef.

As a professional should, Derek differentiates between F-1’s and fullbloods on his menu. He explains that his customer base is diverse and while many of his customers appreciate the typical American cuts, he does have a solid number of customers who appreciate the more highly marbled Japanese presentation.

Not only does he differentiate between F-1’s, and fullblooAWFds, but his depth of knowledge of the breed itself was equally impressive. He asked questions about the lineage of both my bulls, and cows.

He mentioned his preference for Tajima, and offered an opinion on the different Japanese prefectures as to their product. Derek likes to be able to discuss intelligently everything on his menu.

He feels that it helps put his customers at ease and ultimately makes the restaurant more responsive to his customer’s desires.   A clear message to breeders here: make sure you can do the same when it comes to discussing your cattle.

Picture: Paul Redner (right) with Derek Biazo.