Australian Wagyu Forum

The Rebuttal

Following the election in 2020, which was won by Concerned Members candidates on the basis of the allegations that had been made, the leading national beef industry publication “Beef Central” was asked for a right of reply to these allegations. This was not done during the election to avoid a public brawl and the likelihood of significant damage to AWA.

Beef Central editors agreed to the rebuttal request and the subsequent publication is available online here, or you can access a PDF copy here.

An email advisory message was then sent to all AWA members as follows.


Dear AWA Member:

Merry Xmas ! We’ve made it to a better place on the other side of the ‘fake news/fake crisis’ and comprehensive defamation used by a small group to gain an ‘edge’ in the 2020 AWA elections. Now, a few suggested 2021 Wagyu resolutions.

First, we thank the many AWA members who, in spite of the deluge of email garbage, voted in support of the progressive directions of our 2019-20 Board. This support numbered more than the total of all voters in any individual AWA election in the past six years. Unfortunately, not enough.

Please now take a minute to consider the real progress that was made in AWA breed development in 2020, and how that might play out in 2021. What do you want to keep ?

Our hope is that you will support the following:

The sustainable Breed Development initiatives that were the over-arching objectives of the AWA 2019-20 Board. This entailed reviewing and analysing those metrics that are supposed to support breed development. This work, to include all AWA members, remains incomplete. For the first time, we comprehensively measured genetic diversity in the Australian herd – but there is more to be done. Then, by creating incremental metrics – the Breeder Index – we set out to stimulate the sustainable use of a wider range of genetics and expand the breeding of Wagyu in Australia.

Strong progress was made, as you can see in our rebuttal snapshot published in Beef Central (click here) in last weeks edition. (The PDF attached is a copy of the same material.) It needs to continue.

That’s what we would like to you to support as your 2021 New Year resolutions for your action in your Wagyu industry role. Resolve to continue to push AWA in these directions in the New Year.

In the meantime, Merry Xmas, good health and happiness to all.

Kind regards

Mike Buchanan

Outgoing (2019-2020) President . On behalf of the majority of the 2019-20 AWA Board.

PS: A number of members have asked ‘Why ?’ Why we never responded to months of personal attacks, fabrication and false allegations, presented entirely without evidence. The short answer is: we believe it is inappropriate at any time for any AWA Board – let alone an AWA president – to ‘take the bait’ of vexatious provocations that aim solely to create the spectacle of a degrading brawl in the gutter. We believe most members are smart enough to see through the ‘Trump stuff’.